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In the 1980’s Walter Martish III worked in the warehouse of his father’s chemical distribution business, washing drums, listening to salesmen counsel customers, and watching the company navigate a competitive distribution market.  After college–and a close brush with a professional hockey career–he joined his father’s business full-time.

Pat Lutz’s curiosity about nature and his adventurous spirit led him to creative chemistry.  He innovated for firms like Mason Chemical and Lonza, filing over a dozen patents.

At conferences, Walter and Pat often hosted client events together.  During a golf outing they’d jointly sponsored for clients, Walter’s father asked Pat about his long-term vision.  “Maybe own a company, or part of one, someday,” Pat said.  The wheels of the golf cart weren’t the only ones turning.

Later, over drinks, Pat asked Walter:  “What if I make the greatest stuff in the world and you go sell it?”


With their complementary skills and shared drive, Walter and Pat formed Lincoln MFG-USA®, a uniquely agile manufacturer of natural and naturally-derived preservatives. 

Walter’s long-standing relationships with cosmetics companies keeps him highly attuned to the problems they face, and Pat’s expertise, creativity, and rapid prototyping enable Lincoln to solve customers’ problems fast.

Whether a customer wants to prototype, test-market a new product, or change a formulation in response to regulatory, scientific, or social changes, Lincoln helps them quickly pivot, test, and get to market.  Many say Lincoln MFG-USA®’s 'Silicon Valley' approach to development, testing, and deployment is the real secret ingredient to success.

“Your brand is only as good as your ingredients.” –Walter Martish III