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Lincoln MFG-USA® designs and manufactures broad-spectrum multifunctional preservatives that make customers’ products better, safer, and more compliant with important regulations. 

Additionally, Lincoln MFG-USA® is advancing new approaches to sustainability, including right-sizing containers for shipment based on customer needs, like totes, drums, pails, 1-gallon jugs, 1-pound bottles, and even grams.  These flexible and customizable options reduce packaging waste and needless fuel expense, helping manufacturers maximize cost and carbon footprint savings simultaneously.


Regulatory compliance

Manufacturers need to be able to respond quickly to state, national, and global regulatory changes.

When regulatory changes in the United States, European Union, or other nations render a product out of compliance, Lincoln MFG-USA® can quickly reformulate it to maintain brand integrity and product efficacy.

Lincoln recognizes that regulators play an important role as safeguards of the public interest, and helps companies and regulators find acceptable, efficient solutions to emerging regulatory challenges.

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Challenge testing

It takes almost six weeks for traditional challenge testing to deliver the information necessary for sound decision-making.

That’s why Lincoln MFG-USA® has developed a two-factor testing regimen that delivers answers fast.  This keeps manufacturing cycles moving, with secondary results from rigorous testing protocols that ensure reliability and credibility.

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Manufacturing support

Lincoln’s state-of-the-art manufacturing facility in North Kingstown, Rhode Island provides critical support to manufacturing partners:

  • Tolling – As a third-party subcontracting manufacturer, Lincoln can help customers meet sudden scale challenges for unexpectedly large orders.  And for customers without their own manufacturing facility, Lincoln offers white-label manufacturing to help agile brands move quickly to market.

  • Filling – Lincoln’s filling service helps customers bring products to market quickly and efficiently.

  • Packaging – Lincoln’s robust network of industry partners means we can help customers find the right packaging for new products, positioning pivots, or changing consumer preferences around packaging waste.

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