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Walter and Pat

Multifunctional Chemistry by Nature™

Between changing global regulations, new science about health effects, and disruptive social movements, cosmetics brands face a dynamic and rapidly-changing market. To thrive, they need to be able to adapt.

Founded in 2007, Lincoln MFG-USA® brings rapid-response development and innovation to cosmetics customers, and has become a trusted partner to independent startups and the world’s best-known multinational corporations.

Founders Walter Martish III and Pat Lutz have leveraged innovation and a powerful network of relationships to make Lincoln the go-to resource for cosmetics brands worldwide.

Whether your product faces changing regulations, marketing challenges, or a problematic supply chain, Lincoln can adapt your formulation to stay in the market–and ahead of the changes.

If you have a problem, ask Lincoln.

Walter Martish, III

Walter Martish, III started out washing 55-gallon drums in his father's factory.  After working his way up, he teamed up with longtime friend Pat to create one of the industry's most innovative companies. 

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Pat Lutz

Relentlessly inventive, Pat Lutz has filed over a dozen patents.  Now collaborating with his friend Walter, he's bringing rapid problem-solving and prototyping to the cosmetics industry.

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Always made in the USA

In manufacturing, cost and consistency are king. But to Lincoln founders Pat Lutz and Walter Martish III,  commitment is even more important. 

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No animal testing–ever

At Lincoln MFG-USA®, no product or ingredient is ever tested on animals. Why? Because animal testing is imprecise, scientifically unnecessary, and needlessly cruel. 

If you need to certify that no ingredient in your product has been tested on animals, Lincoln MFG-USA® has you covered.