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Pat Lutz

Pat Lutz

As a boy, Pat Lutz’s favorite thing to do was explore the woods around his family’s Pennsylvania cabin.  He learned where different plants grow, the habits and patterns of animals, and that it was a bad idea to pick up certain snakes.

He gravitated to biology and chemistry, and after college followed his curiosity to a research and development lab at Lonza.

Under the mentorship of Dan Dutton, Pat learned how to wrestle with vexing problems with the following instructions:  “Just figure it out.”

Pat rose rapidly in the company, testing disinfectants and sanitizers.  He came up with new approaches to performing microbial testing. Dutton looked at his work and said, “I think that might be patentable.”  Pat had no clue how to file a patent, so Dutton offered his standard advice: “figure it out.”

That patent was the first of over a dozen, many of which are still part of Lonza’s product lineup.  Increasingly recognized as an expert, Pat travelled globally promoting new preservatives, delivering technical presentations, and publishing white papers.

Eventually Lonza relocated its R&D facility, just as Mason chemical needed an in-house microbiology expert.  Pat joined Mason in an expanded role, inventing and patenting new preservatives and helping with sales from a technical perspective.  He hosted and attended client appreciation events with Walter Martish, III.  They enjoyed each others’ company and recognized their complementary strengths.

One day, in a golf cart, Walter’s father asked Pat what he’d like to do with his career.  “Maybe own a business, or part of a business,” was Pat’s reply.   Later, over drinks, the idea came back up.  “What if I make the best stuff in the world,” Pat mused, “and you go sell it?”

Twelve years later, that particular formulation is still a winner.

Their new company, Lincoln MFG-USA® introduced Lincocide® II, a difficult-to-make, but highly effective, broad spectrum antimicrobial.  The difficulty turned out to be a well-disguised blessing, as Pat worked through a host of manufacturing challenges, and in the process became an expert in making product in any quantity from ounces to truckloads.

Now Pat manages Lincoln MFG-USA®’s in-house formulation team.  Frequently on-site, he oversees formulation, testing, and fabrication to ensure that every solution Lincoln provides is correct, consistent, and contributes to customers’ success.


“That’s what we do–just figure it out.” –Pat Lutz