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Linatural® Ultra-1

 Propanediol (natural) / Benzyl Alcohol (natural) / Pentylene Glycol (natural)

Linatural® Ultra-1 is a natural functional ingredient designed to have multifunctional performance, such as emolliency, and moisturization for personal care formulations. It also protects formulations from microbial contamination. Linatural Ultra-1 brings added value to personal care, pharmaceutical, and household products. This patent-pending proprietary system gives you an alternative approach to protecting against microbial contamination that can make formulations unstable. Use Linatural® Ultra in any formulation at any pH. 

  • Effective pH range:
    3 10
  • Physical form: Liquid
  • Usage level: 1.5 - 2.5%
  • Derivation: Corn sugar/cassia oil/sugar cane/corn cobs

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